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Cinema has always been more than just a room for screening movies. It is a social and cultural space, a space of encounter and perception. Architects designed buildings especially for those spaces. Today, as well as in the past, they change permanently.

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cinelandmarks.org is providing virtual access to those spaces as well as to cinema culture in the past and the present. It gathers information about historically, architecturally, and curatorially unique cinemas worldwide on one platform. It offers stories about topics related to cinema and going to the movies. And it shows you the way to the next cinema worth visiting – as a screening room or a cultural space.

cinelandmarks.org welcomes contribution of content from everybody around the world who is interested in the topic or passing an intriguing cinema. For keeping up a high level quality standard editorial supervision is provided.

What can cinelandmarks.org be used for?

cinelandmarks.org offers a space of communication and debate about cinema and its localities. It gives you the opportunity to observe and remember cultural developments. But it is also your practical directory to unique cinemas. We would like to reach everybody who is fascinated by cinema and its magic just the way we are.

Why should I support this project?

cinelandmarks presents outstanding cinemas online. So far, many of them have simply not yet been registered. In this sense, this site offers you practical orientation and overview. It also combines well-grounded information and thematic approach. Its perspective on cinema is global and broad. Given the fundamental changes cinema and projection sites are subjected to due to digitalization, cinelandmarks offers the appropriate view on cinema in the 21st century. But, obviously, this site would never work on a global scale without your support! Thank you for sharing with the community the valuable knowledge you have about interesting cinemas in your city or region!

About us

cinelandmarks Team

cinelandmarks e.V. is a non-profit organization registered and accredited by the federal state of Berlin, Germany. We are running the project exclusively voluntarily in our spare time. We are cineasts but also people just enjoying going to the movies and being interested in places, buildings and their stories – no matter if they are right next door or at the other end of the planet.

Email us at info@cinelandmarks.org or developer.cinelandmarks@gmail.com

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