You know an outstanding cinema you want to share and others to visit? Or you want to tell a story that deals with the buildings and the development of cinema? Then email us at editorial@cinelandmarks.org or developer.cinelandmarks@gmail.com. You can also use our Google Form to send us your data and content - this way we can process it much more easily!

With this beta version we want to launch the website on a minimal basis. The next launch will enable any user to contribute content live. Until then we are happy with any content contributed via email or Google form.

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Everyone is welcome to contribute information, text and pictures on cinemas around the world. It is very important that the information comes with one or several pictures so that people can see what you are writing about. It is also very important that you own the rights to publish any picture, ideally you should be the creator of the picture.

You can share any kind of cinema that exist or has existed and that is outstanding for any kind of architectural, curatorial or historical reason. What this platform is not aiming to gather are cinemas that solely are interested in screening mainstream cinema and are set up as commercial cineplex buildings without any special feature.

To assure a certain level of quality, the editorial team of cinelandmarks carries out an editorial supervision and check on any data provided. You have to agree to that procedure. However, we will only carry out formal corrections, in case of changes regarding content we will always contact you beforehand.

We also need volunteers, coders and financial suppport! Please contact us if you would like to engage in the project.